I decided to create this site because of my passion and love for financial markets.

More importantly, the site is the cleanest, most organized and easily accessible fashion in which we can categorize, store and reflect back on the logic and thought processes that shape our decision-making over time.

Philosophically, I believe that it is at that moment where we divorce ourselves from our opinions and our desire to be “right” and where we begin to accept the fact that prices are divine, that we can begin to make money.

In terms of trading and financial markets, I believe such a philosophical, agnostic bent toward price direction and outcomes is the only path toward sustainable success.

Ultimately, I want to make money instead of developing a “smart” thesis that turns out to be “right”.

Dali’s painting and symbol for agnosticism below is probably the best visual representation of this philosophy.

The painting, though Dali probably didn’t have market participants in mind, does an excellent job of depicting this idea of agnostic flexibility – the spoon (trader) had a clearly defined path (set-up) it intended on taking until something changed (the rock appeared) and it was forced to consider outcomes it hadn’t considered before including the options of quitting and retreating (cease persevering, or less negatively, going to cash), banging its way through the rock (“I’m right, so I will double down on this losing bet”) or finding a way around (adapt, check pre-existing directional biases at the door).

The spoon chose to adapt and find a way toward its originally desired outcome (making money).

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