Romney was Right About Everything – Bracketology Edition

If anybody watched the 2012 presidential debates they’ll remember the laps Romney ran around Obama as well as his prescience on many geopolitical items that have since come to fruition (the likelihood of Russian aggression , for instance, an idea Obama condescendingly mocked during the debate).  Further, if anybody has followed the Obama presidency at all over the past six years they’ll know how much time he wastes each March filling out a NCAA tourney bracket (better that than attending daily briefings); they’ll also know ESPN televises its initial revelation to the public.  All of which brings me to Romney’s decision to fill a bracket out this year himself.  That bracket just so happened to land in the 99.88th percentile of ~11.6 million filled out on ESPN while Obama sits at the 40th.  Best of all, Romney even nailed Duke over Wisconsin in the championship game.  Was Valerie Jarrett  spot on or what?

2015-04-07 Romney 2015 NCAA March Madness Bracket