Yard Signs Tell the Story & Why Google Has Grown Lazy Censoring the Web

Not sure why Google hasn’t doctored these results yet (probably because nobody is looking at them), but Google Trends indicate a Trump landslide so far as search interest in ‘yard signs’ is concerned.

To wit, the last three presidential elections (Obama/Romney ’12; Obama/McCain ’08; Kerry/Bush ’04), or those for which Google has available search data, have been carried by the candidate receiving the greatest number of relative searches for ‘yard signs’.  Not only that, the degree with which those elections were won or lost appear to track the degree to which the ‘yard sign’ search was won or lost.

On both measures, Trump is eviscerating Clinton.

Of course, every fulcrum and lever that the insider, leftist/statist establishment has at its disposal to create an impregnable fog of “unreality” to mask this situation will continued to be deployed.

Indeed, elections seem to be decided by enthusiasm gaps and the leftist/statists, having identified HRC’s fatal flaw in her un-likability, and in turn, inability to drive enthusiasm, have but one tool and one tool only this go-round: to convince the unwashed masses that Mr. Trump has no chance of winning.  If they can convince the proletariat (their view of such unwashed) that he has no chance, they can chip away at the enthusiasm gap.

It is the yard sign searches below that highlight how big that gap is and how far they have to go in accomplishing this.
Clinton vs. Trump (2016)
Obama vs. Romney (2012)


Obama vs. McCain (2008)
Kerry vs. Bush (2004)
h/t: https://regated.com/2016/08/googles-trends-indicate-trump-landslide/