Chart Dump of 16 Long Opportunities

Chart Dump of 16 Long Opportunities

Though this market is a crap show at the broad index level, it doesn’t mean there aren’t a ton of opportunities at the company specific level.

The notable moves of the past two weeks have come as the out-performers (XLU, XLP, XLV) have lost momentum as money has shifted into the areas that have been decimated (XLB, XLI, and to a lesser extent, XLK).

With the latter in mind, we present 16 individual company set-ups below that have bullish looking chart patterns.

We leave it up with you what do do, but for those looking for long exposure, these names likely outperform in a material way given the set-ups (ACI is up ~40% in two weeks, ATK +15% in two weeks, BSX +13% in two weeks, etc.).

We’ll present a compendium of short opportunities in the near future as well.