What can We Learn From Rasheed Wallace?

What can We Learn From Rasheed Wallace?

For your viewing pleasure, we present a recent clip from an NBA game in which long-time league veteran Rasheed Wallace gets ejected for mouthing off to refs.

The amount of market-applicable knowledge in the classic quote Wallace provides toward the end of the clip is near infinite….

Wallace’s wisdom should act as a constant reminder for any trader/investor/speculator out there arguing about how good/bad the fundamentals are for some asset/country even as prices of said items move unabatedly in the opposite direction of their fundamental argument/thesis.

We find this wisdom timely right now given how “good”/”bad” the fundamental back-drops are for precious metals / Japan despite the fact that their respective prices continue to move in a fashion that is all too in-congruent for that consensus line of thought for each.

As “Sheed” said…

“Ball (prices) don’t lie.”