How to Catch TSLA-like Moves Before They Occur

How to Catch TSLA-like Moves Before They Occur

In the past three months TSLA shares have doubled.

How does one catch a move like that before it occurs?

Well, there’s never so much as a guarantee in the markets, but silly little lines can help, or at least tilt the probabilities of catching a move in your favor.

In the chart below note that prior to TSLA’s double in 2013 the stock was in the process of forming and completing a multi-year ascending triangle pattern, which usually portend bullish conclusions.

In our view, that pattern was telling you the stock’s next move was likely going to be a materially bullish one, which, sure enough, is what’s happened.

2013-05-09 Ascending Triangles - TSLA vs. Unknown - Daily

With this in mind, look at the chart to the right of TSLA above, which is an unknown stock whose name we don’t reveal…

Does the pattern of the unknown stock on the right look at all like that of TSLA’s before it ripped?

What stock is it?