NAV & SRI Up 60%-70% in Less Than Six Months

All the way back on September 26th of last year we had a post titled “Likely Time to Warm Up to a Few Key Commercial Truck Players” which focused on two players in the space including NAV and SRI.

In that post we said it was time to begin getting involved on the long side as they were both nearing material long-term support zones that historically represented cyclical bottoms that had launched ~150%-200% rallies in compress periods of time.

Since that first post, which up until now had been pass-word protected, NAV and SRI are up 70% and 60%, respectively, in six short months.

Not bad considering the 8% rally in the SPX over the same time.

We update the charts in the original post below.

2013-03-11 NAV & SRI - Weekly