Airlines Under-Perform by 10% on the Week...Are Silly Little Lines the Only Things That Matter?

Airlines Under-Perform by 10% on the Week…Are Silly Little Lines the Only Things That Matter?

There are plenty of people out there on the intra-webs (far more intelligent than us, no doubt) that spend their days opining on the virtues of why it’s essential for our financial-souls and well-being that we understand the inner workings of our modern monetary system and how money is created.

And then there are far less intelligent people, like ourselves, that are relegated to spending our time drawing silly little support and resistance lines on charts in a similarly silly attempt to extract money, regardless of how it’s created, out of that same monetary system on sites like this.

With all of the above in mind, we present the ratio of the DJ Airlines vs. SPX in the chart below.

2013-04-03 Ratio - DJ Airlines vs. SPX - Weekly

All the way back in May of last year we made clear the group was ready to out-perform given the ratio was at support line (1) and commodities, including crude, were likely to begin under-performing.

From that original post when the ratio stood at line (1) support in the chart above to last week at its peak, the DJ Airlines Index rallied 40% with numerous airlines doubling over the same period.

As the ratio began approaching line (2) resistance a few weeks ago we suggested pulling airline longs.

Not surprisingly, the group has under-performed the SPX by an incredible ~10% this week after failing at that resistance.

Again…not pointing out that we were right, just pointing out that it pays to spend less time trying to be smart and much more time focusing on silly little lines, as they’re the only things that matter.