What's Green Today (Nat Gas a Safe Haven)?

What’s Green Today (Nat Gas a Safe Haven)?

Safe havens – gold, USD, Yen and U.S. bonds.

Strangely enough though, so is Nat Gas.  In fact, it’s the greenest thing on the screen.

2013-03-18 Nat Gas - Safe Haven

Coincidence when we find that in Cyrpus the government has promised to repay savers enduring the deposit tax/levy with shares in banks that will be guaranteed by future natural gas revenues?

Coincidence when we learn that Russians are the single biggest depositor class in Cyprus and of Putin’s reaction today to the Cyprus deposit tax/levy?

Coincidence when we think about Russia’s actions as they pertain to Nat Gas over the past few years?

In our view, hardly a coincidence.

When thinking about the source of likely future global conflict, is it time to look beyond black gold at the “invisible gold”?